About us

Our mission

The massive production of data typical of today’s business world creates a need for data storage. Founded in 2014, 4Degrees’ mandate is to help companies manage and store this large volume of data. To accomplish this, the best solution is to take the load off companies’ own servers by offering them leading-edge data hosting services.

The core of our mission involves the ability to guarantee fail-proof security. This is why 4Degrees, acquired by Videotron Business Solutions in 2015, has done everything it can to achieve Tier III compliance certification, awarded by the Uptime Institute. 4Degrees is proud to have been awarded this high-level certification.

In order to live up to this honour and to deserve our customers’ continued loyalty, we equip our installations with features that meet the highest quality standards. We also make security a priority, protecting our locations—and your data—with video surveillance and PCI-DSS compliance certification.

Flexibility is our strength and our pride: the telecommunications provider of your choice, public and private clouds, the colocation environment will always adapt to your business needs.


Our values

At 4Degrees, we understand that the needs of information technology companies are relative to the risks at stake with regard to data security. That’s why our data centers offer a range of parameters and devices to ensure our clients a fail-proof data storage solution that is as effective as it is economical.

The name “4Degrees” is a nod to the average temperature of Quebec City and also represents the ideal environment to maintain energy efficiency. In a time when energy consumption can no longer be considered a separate issue from other quality considerations, we are proud of the ecologically responsible solutions we have chosen to implement. Furthermore, our excellent energy report card allows us to offer the most competitive rates in the industry.

This is what it means to offer the best at 4Degrees.


Maxime Guévin

General Manager

A seasoned engineer and manager, Maxime Guevin stands out for his great sense of leadership. Exceptionally dynamic and with extensive experience in telecommunications, he devotes all his energy to offering 4Degrees clients the best service there is.

Pierre Samson

Senior Manager, Sales and Business Development

A disciplined professional with close to 20 years of experience, Pierre Samson has acquired extensive expertise in technology solution sales with renowned firms such as Cisco, Oracle and NetApp. His ability to communicate with clients makes him a highly appreciated and sought-after business partner.

Dany Perron

Senior Manager, Operations

With 20 years of experience in the information technology (IT) sector, Dany Perron has solid expertise in operations management and business solutions, in areas such as IT consultation, telecommunications and international aviation.

Frédéric Beauregard

Director, Business Development

Passionate about technology, Frédéric Beauregard has spent the past 10 years building a solid reputation for himself in the field of telecommunications. His creativity and commitment towards his clients have made him a reputable source in the industry.

Florian Bouet

Representative, Internal Sales and Business Development

Endowed with a strong sense of relationship and analysis. Florian Bouet is  gifted to create and develop strong business relationships with companies and partners at 4Degres, thanks in particular to his knowledge and Canadian and European experience in the field of information technology.